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The Story of the Rose Education Foundation

The Rose Education Foundation was set-up by Margaret and Maurice Dimmock following the tragic and sudden loss of their youngest daughter Emma. Emma was dedicated to uplifting and empowering, getting alongside young people and helping them to reach their full potential.

This passion, shared by Margaret and Maurice, who have both been involved in youth-work and education for many years, led them to set up a charitable trust. The Rose Education Foundation continues to build on the example that Emma had set for many, by supporting the work of projects in the North-East of England and Thailand which build up and empower young people.

Margaret and Maurice tell their story here, in their own words…

The story so far… had been a very happy one, for us, as a family, although we experienced the usual ups and downs of life nothing too devastating had happened. All of this changed in June 2007. For nearly 3 years, Emma our youngest daughter had been battling with a severe form of ME and although her life was very difficult and painful she was expected at some point in the future to make a full recovery. Sadly on June 17th of 2007 Emma died suddenly of a burst ulcer and acute peritonitis. Our world was shattered, our hearts broken and life would never be the same again.

There are no words to adequately describe to you the pain or the extent of our loss as we travel a path we would never have chosen. It is only the continuing help and support of our family & friends combined with the outpouring of the love of God which sustains us on this journey. We cannot change what has happened but we can control our reactions and responses to this overwhelming tragedy. We are confident that Emma is now living in heaven and is happy and content and we feel that to honour the person she was whilst she lived here with us we must in some way work to bring some good from such sadness.

Emma was a very caring person who above all else loved God, her family and friends and sought to help others wherever and whenever she could. Following her example and approach to life we have founded the Rose Education Foundation which seeks to improve, enrich and enhance the quality of life for children and young people both in the UK and abroad. At the foundation we believe that education is one of the keys which will help alleviate many of the problems facing children and young people of this and future generations. The need is different in each country and area but as Nelson Mandela is quoted as saying “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and the Rose Education Foundation endeavours to prove this truth by demonstrating Love in Action.

This story is Emma’s story – our story – your story – live it

Margaret & Maurice Dimmock

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