UK Youth-Work Grant Application Form (North East Only)

Online Grants Application form, only for use by those based in the North East of the UK


All grant applications to The Rose Education Foundation must be submitted using the online form below. We no longer accept paper or PDF applications.

The form has the same questions as before, but the form must be completed in one go, it is NOT possible to save a partial form to come back to later.

To aid with this we recommend that you download a PDF copy of the questions contained within this form by clicking the button below so that you can prepare your answers beforehand. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Grant Application Form

Applications will only be considered if they meet ALL of the following criteria

Grant Application Form

We need to know this information for our records and so we are able to keep in contact with you throughout the application process.

Grant Application Form

Please complete all sections on this page as completely as possible.

The Project Application

Please share below why you are applying to The Rose Education Foundation

Grant Application Form

Before submitting please read the following statements carefully and click to say that you agree with them.

  • Prerequisites
  • Basic Details
  • Project Details
  • Your Proposal
  • Submit

Please confirm you understand, and agree that your project meets all of the following criteria

This application is for work with young people aged 11-18

This application is for work based in the North-East of England

This application is not for funding towards my organisation’s core running costs (including staff wage, office equipment, building running costs etc)

Please answer the following questions

Would we be able to visit your project?

Would you be able to submit a written report following your grant spend?

Does your organisation/church have a current Child Protection Policy that could be seen by our staff on request?

Contact details of applicant (the person filling out this form)

Your Name

Your relationship to the project organisation

Your Address

Your Telephone Number

Your Email Address

Contact details of organisation (that the proposed project comes under or is associated with)

Organisation Name

Organisation Address

Organisation Telephone Number

Organisation Website

Is the organisation a Registered Charity?

If registered please insert Charity Number

Details of project

Name of project you are seeking funding for

Is this a new project?

When did/will this project start?

Is there an expected end date?

Expected end date

Financial Information

How much funding are you applying for?

Do you know the details of the organisations bank account?

Name on Bank Account

Bank Account Number

Bank Sort Code

Tell us about the project you are applying for and why it matters to you and the community it will serve. We are looking to catch your vision, but please be sure to cover the following topics: What are you seeking to do, who are you seeking to engage with and why do you feel it is important? How does, or how will, your project benefit the local community?

Your proposal

How will the awarded grant be used? Please give an overarching idea, we don’t need a full shopping list.

Additional Information

How will you evaluate the success of your project?

Are you working in partnership with any other groups, organisations or churches? If so, who?

If this grant only forms part of your funding needs, how are you planning to finance the remainder?


I confirm that I have the permission of the project organisation to make this application

I confirm that the information I have provided is correct to the best of my knowledge

I confirm that I understand and am happy that the information provided in this form will be stored by The Rose Education Foundation and processed by the foundation

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