Rose Education Foundation Supported Project in Tees Valley

The Rose Education Foundation is really pleased to support Doulos, which works with young people. Their mission is to see young people’s lives changed by Jesus. They remain committed to communicating the life and love of Jesus relevantly to every young person in the Tees Valley through partnership with local churches, schools and communities.

Please read in their own words below how the Rose Foundation has helped them so far.

Dear Rose Education Foundation,

Firstly, I hope you are all keeping well in these times. We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and think of you and pray for you often. 

Secondly, apologies for the delay in sending this report regarding the way your investment helped us during 2019. There has obviously been a lot which has happened over the past year, and we have not only had a significantly reduced team, but those of us still here working have also been furloughed for most of our hours since we were able to last year.

Finally, we would be unable to do what we do through Doulos if it wasn’t for your generous support, we are so thankful that you believe in our work, and we have seen some amazing things over the past few years. Thank you. 

Keep safe!

2019 saw our largest group of students on our Doulos program. 45 young people between 14-18 over 3 different year groups from 15 different churches across Teesside. It has been an absolute joy to see so many from different churches coming together with the same purpose to learn to lead the way that Jesus did. We are blessed to have a committed group of volunteer leaders investing in these young people through teaching and experiences helping to develop their leadership potential. 

We were able to take our 1st year and 3rd year students away to Marrick Priory for our annual launch weekend which always sees our group grow closer together. Our third-year students really stepped up and made our new first year students feel welcome and comfortable.

Through the year we also ran our monthly gatherings, mainly at All Saints Church Eaglescliffe as well as some other locations related to the theme for that group. Our 1st year students learned about vision at Lord Stones and our 2nd year students went to London for a weekend to meet with Mike Pilavachi for a Q&A on leadership.

5 of our Doulos students signed up to our mission trip to Malawi in the Summer of 2019 accompanied by 4 leaders, one of which was a former Doulos student! We partnered with Scripture Union who had organised large parts of the trip for us. During our trip we worked directly with the Director and staff of SU: Malawi to provide Bible lessons to local schools and community projects. We challenged our students to lead the majority of our content, and they planned and led games, Bible stories, sermons, and songs. We travelled all over the country, from the capital Lilongwe, to Blantyre in the South of the country and ended our stay in the North at a SU: Malawi campsite near Mzuzu. We spent 3 days at this campsite, getting to know the local children who were attending for the week and helping to teach Bible content to them.

This mission was incredibly impactful in the lives of our Doulos students. They rose to the challenge of preparing lessons about the Bible, and confidently led them in any situation from small classrooms to large halls of students. Even the quietest student we had on the trip, who rarely spoke and had said she’d only like to help if someone else was leading, came up to us near the end of the trip and asked if she could teach a sermon. Hearing her share with the Malawi students about her personal faith with God and how he helped her overcome her shyness was powerful. We also found that this trip further instilled the desire in our Doulos students to make an impact back at home. One of the students told us during the trip that she felt called by God to go back and help run the children’s work at her local church in Thornaby. We were incredibly proud of the hard work from our students and the lessons they not only taught but learned themselves.

We had 11 young people ‘graduate’ from our 301 group in the summer of 2020. Sadly, we couldn’t celebrate as we normally would, but this was also during the window where we were able to meet in person and whilst we had to be socially distanced with face masks, we were still able to hold the ceremony and celebrate the journey those young people had been on. We have loved seeing them grow in faith and in their leadership capabilities over the years. I have attached some photos from the graduation ceremony as well as the Malawi mission trip.

Your financial investment has helped us pay for resources, enable us to keep the costs low for young people who would otherwise struggle to pay for their spot on our program, has helped us with covering costs of these trips and hold our graduation ceremony. We are so incredibly grateful for all you have done to invest in the lives of these young people through Doulos. God bless you.

The Doulos project continues to grow and we can not wait to hear more of the wonderful work they do in the community this year. To visit their page please click the button below. 

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