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2021 Grant Applications – UPDATE

We are now accepting grant applications for Christian Youth Work projects based in the North East of the UK. 

All applications must now be made online using the form on our website, we are not able to accept paper or email submissions. 

Please read the following information before continuing to the form page. 

You must complete your application in one go, once you have started you will not be able to save and come back to it later. If you have any questions before your application, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at


The Rose Education Foundation is pleased and excited to be able to offer financial support to Christian projects in North-East England. We welcome applications from projects operated by, or are closely associated with, a Christian charity, a church or group, but applications will only be considered is they meet ALL of the following criteria:

– The application is from, or is supported by, a Christian organisation or church.
– You are applying for funding for work with young people aged 11-18, based in the North-East of England.
– You are applying for funding to serve the community and improve the lives of young people.

The Rose Education Foundation can fund projects up to a maximum of £3000 per annum, however the awarding panel may, at their discretion, choose to offer a different amount to the amount applied for.


The Local Grants’ Committee of the Rose Education Foundation meets as needed to assess and award funding. Where grants are awarded the Rose Education Foundation will require a confirmation that funds are received and may also require a written report, or the opportunity to visit the project, in order to monitor how funds are being used.

What Grant should you choose to apply for? 

 Roots Are you creating and establishing a youth work programme where there is currently none? This grant will be given in three parts, you would receive a sum of money each year for three years. Each year the amount of money you would receive would reduce to encourage your programme to be sustainable. 

Buds – This is for youth work programmes that are new and are established and led by the youth. This could include new clubs, outreach events and summer camps. 

Pruning– This grant is specifically for social action projects that serve in the interest of the local neighbourhood. This can include projects and groups that help to clear garden and create shared community spaces. 

Bunches– This is a grant for projects that include multiple groups working together. Encouraging unity and shared experience among church youth groups. Such projects can include camps, worship events and conferences.

Nurture– This is a grant that you can apply for all year round. Just as it is good to feed plants often, its great to have a fund available for training materials, resources, and unexpected costs. 


 Please note that you can only apply for one type of grant.


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